That’s all she wrote

A few weeks ago, I handed in my Ph.D. thesis.

When I began blogging about this time last year, I had a few key motivations. Firstly, and probably most importantly, I am very enthusiastic about food, wine, and gastronomy, and wanted to share that with others. Secondly, I wanted to develop my writing a little, something I hadn’t really done before. But lastly, I knew I would be writing my thesis in the near future, and didn’t fancy what seemed to be a painful process of trying to write 150 pages of quite technical science, so hoped by writing regularly it would make the writing process easier. I can’t say blogging made writing up particularly fun, but I got it done quickly and efficiently. For any young graduate students out there, I would really recommend keeping a blog to help with your writing.

Since finishing my thesis, and the ten-hour days writing, I can’t say I’ve had much desire to write again. I thought after a few weeks it might return, but it just hasn’t. I’m also moving on to new things, looking for a job, a house, and so on, so with all this in mind, I’ve decided to retire the blog at this point. I’ll still keep up the material for anyone who finds it interesting, or wants to use any of the recipes, and I’ll still be contactable for any food related queries. And although I won’t be writing anymore, I certainly won’t be hanging up the apron (or spittoon) at this point, either.

To finish off, I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone out there who has support Oxfoodblog during the last year. It’s been great. Whether you have cooked with me, drunk wine with me, eaten some of my food, offered encouragement or culinary conversation, been a reader, or anything else: it’s been very much appreciated. I can only hope you all have as much fun with food and wine as I do.



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