Chinese Five Spice Sandwich Ham

Sandwich meat is expensive. If you buy Tesco’s Wiltshire Sliced Ham (2 for £4, 4 slices, 120g), or the slightly better value Tesco’s No Added Water Sliced Ham (2 for £3, 6 slices, 132g), and have four slices of bread for lunch as I do, it’s going to run up the bill pretty fast- one pound a day with the first product. For a student lifestyle, making your own sandwiches is much less expensive than buying them every day, and if you can further cut down the cost of the ingredients for making the sandwiches, there is more money for the fun things in life (like wine).

So why not make your own sandwich meat? Starting off with a Tesco’s large gammon joint (2 for £6, 800g, 550g after cooking) and applying a simple glaze and shoving it in the oven, you get over twice as much meat for your money (183g/£ versus 60g/£ or 88g/£ for the Tesco products), and likely a better tasting sandwich as well. Here I’ve included a recipe for my favourite way of doing sandwich ham, but the principle extends to however you’d like to flavour your ham- or beef, chicken or turkey for that matter. So have a go, it’s really very little effort for the reward.

Chinese Five Spice Sandwich Ham

800g gammon joint
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame seed oil
1 tsp chinese five spice

1. Mix honey, soy sauce, sesame seed oil and chinese five spice together and brush onto the gammon joint.
2. Cook gammon joint for 1hr35mins, or as the package instructions indicate.


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