Restaurant Review: Mission Burrito

One week last year, I was in the Mission District in San Francisco, eating a burrito, on the way to play bridge. The next week, back in Oxford, I was in Mission Burrito, eating a burrito, on the way to play bridge. So I’d like to think I have some base for comparison when looking at a place that is named after this Californian hot-spot for Mexican cuisine.

With the busy student life in Oxford, burritos from Mission Burrito have become key to me for getting a meal in around afternoon and evening activities. Reasonably priced at just under £6 for a burrito, prices are student friendly, and a few minutes is all you’ll need to wait for your burrito to be made. But for me, the biggest attraction is that burritos here will keep you going through those evening commitments- you won’t be hungry for a while after eating one of these.

Food 9/10: Much like Subway, in the sense that you choose your basic meal then customise it, you can start with a burrito (rice and pinto or black beans), fajita burrito (rice, peppers, and onions), tacos, or a salad or rice box. You filling is then steak, chicken, vegetarian, or carnitas (slow roasted pork). Finish it off with salady bits, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and salsa, and you’re good to go.

I’ve never had the vegetarian, but everything else has been more than up to scratch. The carnitas is particularly soft and flavoursome, and the pinto beans are cooked to just the right texture, so these two end up being my usual burrito combination. I rarely order the cheese- I find it gets drowned out with all the other flavours- and the chipotle salsa, while at the right heat, could have a bit more of a smoky flavour, given that chipotles are just smoked jalapeños. All in all, though, the food is excellent, you can tell all the ingredients are fresh and well sourced, and that a lot of effort has gone into making sure the product is a good one.

Drinks 9/10: Not a significant part of the experience for me- in fact, I rarely order a drink. However, if you do want to sit down and enjoy a drink with your meal, the drinks selection complement the food and atmosphere well. In addition to the usual fare like Coke, they have a few of Mexican beers, like Corona, and frozen margeritas. Also, they’ve recently started importing American root beer, which has been tricky to find in Oxford otherwise. Hard to ask for much more from drinks, I feel.

Atmosphere and Service 8/10: There are many nice touches to make it seem like Mission Burrito came right out of California: the red baskets your burrito is placed in, the nice wooden tables, or the pictures of the Mission District on the walls. The staff are friendly; I’ve often seen them giving helpful suggestions to people in front of me who don’t know quite what they want to order. There can be quite a lot of variation in the size of the burrito, however- some servers are more generous than others- so it can be sad if you end up with a smaller burrito. But overall, it’s relaxed environment, which is just right for that quick evening meal.

Mission Burrito. There are two branches in Oxford, one on King Edward Street, one on St. Michael’s Street.


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  1. Paula
    May 25, 2012 @ 07:38:11

    Is £6 a student friendly price? I find it a bit… pricey


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