Homemade Pizzas

It’s very easy to buy great pizza, either takeaway, at restaurants. Even from the supermarket, there are nice pizzas available, and cooking them is often little more effort than simply putting them in the oven. They require little skill to get a good result, and thus they are usually one of the last things that get home-made. Additionally, they aren’t really something that you can serve guests, given how readily available they are.

However, when you make the pizzas yourself, it’s a bit of a different story. People appreciate the effort involved, and in my experience they are always happy to have something they know they will like. By preparing a selection of toppings you can please even fussy eaters like vegetarians, and it’s easy to do posher pizzas (like goat’s cheese, red pepper and sundried tomato) along with simple pizzas at the same time. They’re ideal for an evening where you have something planned, like a movie or games night. If you are entertaining kids, they’ll find it great fun to assemble their own pizza too.

The actual mechanics of making it are very easy too. Most good supermarkets will sell a dough mix (or even pre-made bases if you want to get something even simpler), but it is also straightforward to make the dough yourself. You can pre-bake the bases beforehand so that once the ingredients are on, it doesn’t take much time in the oven. It’s worth doing this with some of the ingredients as well- certainly make sure any meats you use are cooked- but roasting things like peppers or mushrooms will result in a better texture. Otherwise, it is just chopping up ingredients and setting them out.

Here’s a quick example- my favourite. Take a pre-cooked pizza base, and spread tomato puree and a little barbecue sauce on it. Add some chicken, parma ham, roasted red pepper, mushroom, red onion. Put on a few dollops of mascarpone and slices of a goat’s cheese log, a small amount of pesto, and finish off with sprinkling some grated mozzarella on it. But of course- don’t just do this- choosing your own ingredients is half the fun.


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